True Luxury Is Being Able To Own Your Own Time On Your Wedding Day

Luxury is not hunting around in your makeup bag, not stressing because your hairstyle isn’t going right, not being compelled by obligation to others…

Yes you could do your own hair and makeup and save money, I even did my own makeup on my wedding day and you know what? I wish I hadn’t.

Here’s why:

1. It was more for me to think about in the lead up to our wedding: I spent time researching looks, shopping for the perfect products/shades/brands, feeling pressure to get it all just right… I wasted money on products I thought I’d like but didn’t.

2. It was more for me to pack, remember and bring with me on the day. At a time when you have so much on your mind, bringing plans all together at once, it was one thing I wish I didn’t have to think about.

3. The time I spent doing my makeup, I could’ve spent feeling more relaxed, enjoying the people I was with more, concentrating less (because I felt such pressure to get it perfect) and drinking more Prosecco…!

4. I missed out on what an absolute treat it is to have somebody do all of this for you, to take the pressure away and to do for you something that is a true luxury, that you would never normally have done.

In this age of distraction, nothing can feel more luxurious than paying attention to yourself on your wedding day.

I have 3 bridal hair and makeup packages for you to choose from, each offering a seamless service to exceed your expectations, with options to suit every budget, for the experience you desire for your wedding day.

If your wedding isn’t the perfect time to treat yourself to luxury, then when is?

Rachel Caws

Bridal Hair And Makeup Specialist, Creating Radiant, Elegant And Timeless Looks For Modern And Sophisticated Brides Across Sussex, Surrey And Hampshire

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