How To Prepare For Bridal Makeup You’ll LOVE!

It’s what we all want on our wedding day: the pro secrets that truly elevate your look, the luxury products that will transform you into the most exquisite and alluring bride and the makeup artist that has the most refined techniques, to create the look you’ve been dreaming of in a way that is wearable, durable and simply beautiful.

My top 3 tips for killer bridal makeup aren’t exactly rocket science… but they’re often overlooked and are absolute game changers if you can manage to nail them for your wedding day.


1. Use products specifically suited to you:

Some products are just not for you… it’s not possible to buy any old foundation and expect it to sit well on your skin or look as flawless as it does on the celebrity that promotes it. Products are specifically formulated to work in different ways and to suit different skin types/conditions.

I’m a qualified skin expert, so your consultation with me will give you the confidence that we are using the best products for you, for both your skin preparation and your makeup application. You’ll feel clear about the products to steer clear of and instead, the products to reach for in the lead up to your big day. We’ll create a plan that gives you the radiance you’ve been dreaming of and a flawless finish to last your celebrating into the early hours.

 2. Include bespoke lashes in your makeup:

This doesn’t exactly sound ground breaking if you’ve worn false lashes before… but it also may not sound appealing to you either, perhaps because many of the false lashes we see can be quite bold and this can feel intimidating. False lashes come in such a wide range of styles; I work with your choice of strip or individual lashes to build a custom look for you, that really considers your personality and the type of bridal style you’re wanting to achieve.

Individual lashes are buildable, so we can just add a few for a really natural lash line or keep building them up to the volume you have in mind. Equally, if strip lashes are your preference, will select a sept that beautifully enhance your makeup. Whatever your style, false lashes elevate your sophisticated bridal look and add an extra special touch, where you feel the most beautiful version of you.

The package ‘The Sophisticated Bride’ includes customised false lashes as standard, as well as many other luxury services included, so that you can achieve an elegant and timeless look, with a premium experience too.


3. Amp up your skincare regime:

Your skincare may already be an established routine but there will always be a little something we can tweak to amp up the hydration or refine your skin’s texture. On the other hand, you may not have much of a skincare regime at all right now but, as a skincare expert, I know the best secrets to achieve the complexion you’ve been dreaming of. My ‘Sophisticated Bride’ package includes detailed skin care advice at your bridal preview that’s specifically tailored to you, so that you can achieve the best possible results for your dream bridal complexion.

Sound like what you’ve been searching for? You’re in the right place… that’s all in a good day’s work around here…

Rachel Caws

Bridal Hair And Makeup Specialist, Creating Radiant, Elegant And Timeless Looks For Modern And Sophisticated Brides Across Sussex, Surrey And Hampshire

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